Why Harpurhey is popular with property investors

The district of Harpurhey is situated approximately three miles from the centre of Manchester. With a population of around 18,000, Harpurhey is a vibrant and popular area with plenty of local amenities. This makes it a favourite among renters who want to be close to the city centre but can’t afford high-end property prices. Despite its somewhat variable reputation, Harpurhey has an active property rental market and offers some great prospects for landlords and agents.

Neighbouring districts of Harpurhey include the popular residential areas of Cheetham Hill, Monsall and Moston. The areas of the Shiredale Estate, Barnes Green, the Kingsbridge Estate and the Baywood Estate are all classed as being part of Harpurhey.

Road and public transport links

Located to the north east of Manchester city centre, the area enjoys excellent public transport links with the city and the surrounding areas. The A664 (known locally as Rochdale Road) runs through the Harpurhey area, offering good road links to Manchester city centre, to the south west, and to the M60 to the north east. The circular M60 motorway provides easy access to the region’s other motorways and major roads, ensuring reasonable commute times to many of the towns and cities of the north west.

Harpurhey does not have a railway station, but enjoys excellent bus links. Many major routes pass through the area, offering quick and frequent journeys into the city centre. Bus services also operate to Oldham and Salford, in addition to many other areas of Greater Manchester. Harpurhey is also convenient for Manchester’s Metrolink tram network; while there is no tram station in Harpurhey itself, those at Central Park North and Monsall are within easy reach.

Local amenities

North City Library, situated on Harpurhey’s Rochdale Road, is a local landmark and hub of the community. Sharing the building with the local sixth form college, the library features state of the art solar panels on its roof and is built in an impressively contemporary style. As well as offering all the usual lending and internet access services, the library is home to a number of local groups and societies who use the building to host meet-ups and events.

The North City Family and Fitness Centre is a sizable leisure centre located near to the local shops and daily market. With a 25-metre swimming pool and a number of other fitness and leisure facilities, the centre is popular with residents of all ages. The gym and health suite offer state of the art fitness facilities, as well as steam rooms, saunas and a spa area. The centre hosts a number of regular fitness classes for all ages and abilities.

Harpurhey has a popular shopping precinct with a number of high street chain stores, discount retailers and supermarkets, including Asda, Iceland and Lidl. Harpurhey Market operates on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is completely under cover, making it a popular shopping destination all year round. Stalls include a wide variety of food retailers, as well as clothes, homewares and electronic goods.

Parks and green spaces

Harpurhey’s Queen’s Park is popular with families, thanks to its play area and frequent outdoor events. Originally developed over 150 years ago, the park was one of Great Britain’s earliest municipal parks. Hendham Hall originally stood in the park, but was demolished in the late 19th century. In addition to children’s play areas, paths and trails, the park has rose gardens and often hosts nature hunts for local schools.

Located to the east of Harpurhey, Moston Vale is another popular outdoor spot in the area. After being notoriously run down for many years, recent regeneration projects have transformed Moston Vale into a green oasis. Primarily used as a pedestrian access route, Moston Vale has been planted with wildflowers and had new fences installed to make it a really pleasant part of the area.

Harpurhey property news

Harpurhey offers a variety of options for the private buyer or property investor, with prices more affordable than other areas of the city centre, offering strong return on investment. Prices for traditional, two-bedroom red brick terraced houses start at around £70,000, with many available for under £100,000. There are also a number of newer properties in Harpurhey, with the modern Kingsbridge Road development extremely popular with families. Offering sizable gardens, excellent parking and modern fixtures and fittings, the new-build homes make an excellent rental opportunity for investors looking for properties that do not require any modernisation and which are easy to let.

Manchester Dogs Home Opens Today

Manchester Dogs Home Opens today in Harpurhey


Following a devastating fire almost 18 months ago, Manchester Dogs Home  will be opening its doors to the public once again today. The first part of the home will open today, after  MEN readers donated £1.4million within a matter of days to help rebuild the home. Over the coming 12 months, more blocks of the Harpurhey facility will re-open and at Brentwood Lettings we are very proud of the home and of the Manchester community for making this happen.


The new facility has given Manchester Dogs home the ability to improve on the old offering with each kennel having modern glass windows and doors, and the adoption centre having its own grooming room. We at Brentwood lettings, will be looking forward to taking a trip to Harpurhey to visit the newly opened Manchester Dogs Home and hopefully one of us will find a new forever friend to take home with us.

The Bee’s of Manchester

Not to be confused with our Chorlton friends the Bee Gees, we have been lucky this month to get to know some of our local real life bees.

Town-Hall-Bee-1-472x264As many of you will know, the bee is a symbol of Manchester. Back in the 19th century, Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, and the city quickly became a hive of activity, populated by hard-working citizens working away in mills and factories to produce the goods which created the city’s wealth. Some mill owners took the metaphor to its logical conclusion, adding appropriately-named “beehive mills” to the skyline. Whilst the machinery which powers them has long since fallen silent, there is still a Beehive Mill in Ancoats, where Manchester’s industrial age started (built in 1824, the mill has been reinvented as, among other things, a rehearsal spaces for bands).

1b5894323ebf9842ca82ef4a201faff8Manchester’s coat of arms, swarming with bees, adorns many buildings. Unsurprisingly, it most often appears on those built during the industrial age, an architectural period ripe with ostentatious decoration. Manchester’s grandest monument to civic pride, Alfred Waterhouse’s magnificent neo-Gothic Manchester Town Hall, which was completed in 1877, is abuzz with bees, most notably larger-than-life versions laid into the intricate floor mosaics. Often, though, a bee appears alone. When The Gardens in St Ann’s Square (originally built for an insurance company in 1959; now housing a Links of London store) was reclad in 1986, single oversize bees mounted on medallions were added to exterior, looking down on busy shoppers to playful effect.



But What About Actual Bees?

The Baytrees Bee Project, located at the Cypress Street allotments, aims to create a green paradise in an inner-city area of north Manchester. Based in Harpurhey, six volunteers work on the project full time, but the whole community take part in the project and help produce jars of honey created entirely in Harpurhey.

The project aims to challenge the way Harpurhey is portrayed in the media as a deprived area, such as in the TV documentary People Like Us.

From Spring time until early October visitors can spend a day learning to be a bee keeper, with school trips organised to teach youngsters about urban bee keepers.

JS73443945Surrounding neighbours have also been planting particular flowers and plants to help create a habitat for the bees to produce pollen.

Volunteers record updates and make short films for a YouTube channel helping people keep up to date with the latest news from the bees.

Anybody who visits the project can purchase jars of honey created by the bees and entirely in Harpurhey.

Volunteer Richard Searle said 20,000 miles of travel between Harpurhey, Moston and Crumpsall goes into making the honey.

He said: “It is a quirky thing for Harpurhey and bee keeping has got a long and rich history in this country.

“I think we should be thinking about training our next generation of bee keepers.

“It is engaging the community, people end up talking to each other about it. It is one of those things that help people see the world differently.”

M9 House Prices are Rising

Average House Prices for terraced houses in M9 have seen a 10% rise in the past 12 months. Data from Home.co.uk has shown that property availability in M9 is down 29% and prices are rising due to high demand.

Increasing investment in surrounding areas, the growth of the city centre and growing media attention in the area is having a knock on effect on local house prices.

There are also a number of new houses being built in M9 to combat the increasing demand for M9 property see here

We currently have a high demand for rental properties in this area, if you have a property in M9 or a surrounding are, call us today for a free rental valuation: 0161 681 3724

Ashley Lane, Moston, M9

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Cicero Street, Moston, M9

£ 650 per Month
£ 600 per Month

Romney Street, Moston, M40

£ 575 per Month

Moston Lane, Moston, M40

£ 700 per Month

Stovell Road, Moston, M40

£ 450 per Month

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