Renting in One of Manchester’s Best Up-and-Coming Suburbs

Located just three miles away from the cosmopolitan city centre of Manchester, the area of Blackley offers a number of attractions for renters and the Blackley rental market is buoyant. It offers excellent public transport services, as well as strong road links to Manchester itself, neighbouring towns and villages, and the rest of the north west. Blackley has long been popular with renters of all ages, despite its sometimes slightly dubious reputation. Thanks to several new developments, including a variety of contemporary apartment buildings, Blackley will continue to appeal to renters and landlords alike well into the future.

Who Rents in Blackley?

Blackley is a diverse community with young families, couples, older families and retirees all living side by side. It has traditionally appealed to those who want to be close to the attractions of Manchester city centre, but who are either priced out of the centre itself or don’t want to live in the heart of the city. Blackley is popular with those who work or study in the city, and offers a number of different housing options to renters, including traditional red brick terraces, modern semi detached houses, contemporary apartments or smaller studio properties. As the area boasts such excellent public transport links, it is not necessary for those who live in the district to own a car, opening up the possibility of a far wider variety of potential renters.

Excellent Public Transport and Road Links

Blackley is serviced by a number of popular and busy bus routes, which offer frequent and quick journeys into the city centre. The area also enjoys strong links with other towns and villages on the Manchester outskirts, making it perfect for commuters who work all over the north of the city or in the city centre itself. Blackley is also served by the region’s popular Metrolink tram system, providing a convenient alternative to bus routes. Popular destinations such as Altrincham and Bury are easily reached via the excellent Metrolink network, as well as, of course, Manchester city centre.

The formidable M60 is within easy reach of Blackley, and actually acts as a border to the area. Located to the north of Blackley’s residential areas, the M60 provides quick and easy access to the rest of the north west region. Manchester city centre is also only a short drive from Blackley, although many regular commuters prefer to rely on bus or tram services to avoid getting stuck in busy traffic at peak travel times.

Blackley for Families

Blackley offers many attractions to families looking to rent in the area. It’s extremely conveniently situated for access to Manchester city centre, but also offers a number of amenities that will appeal to those with children of all ages. Blackley has several attractive parks, perfect for children to let off steam. The green spaces at Tweedale Common, Irk Valley and Nutbank Common are all within easy reach, as well as the locally famous Boggart Hole Clough. Offering a number of popular and enjoyable walks, Boggart Hole Clough has recently undergone an extensive programme of improvements to increase its appeal to local families and residents. The green and pleasant park has a variety of sports facilities, including tennis and basketball courts, as well as popular football pitches. The park hosts events throughout the year, some of which attract a large number of people from the surrounding areas. As well as firework displays each Guy Fawkes Night, the park also hosts summer family fun days designed to appeal to kids of all ages.

Blackley Amenities

Blackley has its own golf club and cricket club, both of which are well established and are great social hubs. The area is also well served by shops, including local independent retailers as well as famous high street chains. You’ll also find an impressive indoor market, and a modern and popular library.

Blackley Property

Traditional red brick terraces in various states of repair can be snapped up for as little as £60,000, but such bargains are becoming increasingly difficult to find. At the other end of the house market, it’s not unusual to see prices of around £300,000 and above for brand new semi and detached homes. These properties are attracting a new type of renter and homeowner to Blackley, and look set to enhance the reputation and appeal of the area over time. Luxury and modern apartments in the area can be found for less than £100,000, and the big appeal of these for landlords is that they will not generally need any work before they can be rented out, and they also tend to be fairly easy to market.

Cross Lane, Gorton, M18

£ 580 per Month

Clough Road, Moston, M9

£ 200 per Week

Moston Lane, Moston, M40

£ 825 per Month

Kenyon Lane, Moston, M40

£ 675 per Month

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