Maximise Your Investment Property Returns

13762_y39541215_IMG_00_0000_max_656x437 (1)Maximise Your Investment Property Returns

Presentation Presentation Presentation!

Make your property look nice, and you will get more for it. Sounds simple right? Why are so many Landlords and Vendors failing at this super simple task?

We asked around and the most common reasons seem to be time, knowledge and uncertainty. Which can be summed up nicely as:

“I don’t have the time to do that”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin doing that”

“I don’t even know if it would be worth doing that”

Our very simple solution: USE US TO DO IT FOR YOU!


13762_y39541215_IMG_11_0000_max_656x437The Property in these pictures was refurbished inside and out by our in-house team. You can view the full gallery here on RightMove.

We put the 2 Bed Droylsden Property on the market on 23rd December 2015 at just shy of £130k.

Our first viewer immediately fell in love with the property, put in an offer for full asking price and completed their sale yesterday (20th January 2016).

With a little love and attention you too can turn your property around, whether its for sale or whether you want to increase your rental income. Talk to us and we can and will do this kind of refurbishment for you.

This Property was a 2 bed semi in Droylsden. We cover all areas in North & East Manchester and are happy to help you maximise your investment.

£ 580 per Month

Kenyon Lane, Moston, M40

£ 675 per Month
£ 580 per Month

Ivy Street, Moston, M40

£ 580 per Month
£ 650 per Month
£ 580 per Month

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