Furnished or Unfurnished?

Brentwood Lettings are a specialist lettings agency based in Moston, Manchester. We manage properties all across North and East Manchester and are actively seeking new landlords as we have a number of tenants wanting properties in Failsworth, Newton Heath, New Moston and the surrounding areas.

Here are ten aspects worth considering before making the choice if you should furnish your investment property or leave it empty. There are numerous variables involved and below gives some food for thought to help you arrive at the right decision for your individual situation.


location location location1. Location Location Location!– Have a look at and talk to us about the surrounding rental landscape in your area. This is a crucial influence on your decision here. Ultimately additional properties for let near you are the competition and also you should qualify against them to improve probability of letting your premises quickly.
The distribution of furnished or unfurnished properties to let does often vary greatly. Areas closer to the city centre are usually comprised more of apartment buildings which have a younger demographic, in these cases the buzz will be prone to be toward furnished property. As you move further from the centre of Manchester to places like Faislworth the trend is much more mixed, the split being more driven by local trends, whilst exceptions may still show such as “desirable areas” to live in. Know what you’re working with, as without that you could land up stayed with an empty property longer than necessary. You can Contact Us at any time to discuss the best options for your property.
target tenants2. Target tenant range– Although a landlord’s main objective is to have their house let, most already have an idea of the tenants they prefer or expect. Sometimes it is dictated by the style of property and the area from the offset or sometimes through the mind-list of the owner. In any event . this impacts the decision on if you should furnish or otherwise not. E.g. in case a property is geared towards student letting then furnishing is considered a necessity, as the majority of students have zero furniture and will look to rent on a year by year basis. When furnishing for student letting some accommodation ought to be designed for above average wear.

student tenantsOften the younger demographic are keen on furnished lets, usually since they are starting but not able to produce a commitment long term either to a career or fixed location and again they have an inclination to gravitate to cities. For the younger tenant a furnished property is known as a benefit as it saves them incurring an outlay for furniture. For families and older tenants the probability is greater than they will prefer a property unfurnished because they currently have furniture, even though some discount in rental price could be expected to have an unfurnished let. To compensate it’s also statistically factual that tenants who bring their own  furniture will live in a property longer, due to commitment and energy taken to in moving everything in.



Tax Implications3. Tax Implications – A furnished property enjoys some a higher level tax relief around the rental income received, whereas unfurnished does not. This relief is usually either applied to be a percentage of income, currently 10% of one’s net rent or alternatively by claiming a value in line with the net rc of a specific furnishing.



Furniture4. On-going costs versus upfront costs – The simple price is furnishing a house the very first time, this can’t be offset against income being a “loss” or cost, as only damage allowances and replacement costs apply. The quantity you want to invest in furnishing will depend on the sort of tenant you would like to attract, the degree of rental price you would like to attain in order to a particular extent an option of quality of furnishing versus life expectancy. It could be useful to understand the going rental rate in the community to understand the quality of price “lift” that furnishing may enable. The on-going costs of furnishing are fairly self-explanatory; they’re the constant maintenance, repair and upkeep costs of your respective furnishings. Keep in mind that your tenant can have a fair expectation for similar initial standards of quality found whenever they moved into be maintained. Could also be some degree of cost managing these standards, whether in purely time regards to monetary by paying a letting agency to regulate this, see role of agents section.

An unfurnished property attracts none of those costs.



Insurance5. Insurance – When you’re furnishing the home yourself it is highly recommended to take out contents insurance to defend your furnishings. Although the tenants can be expected within reason to tend furnishings you additionally must cover for events which are not down to tenants and as well for destruction of furnishings incurred by tenants beyond the quality of any deposit taken. Obviously within an unfurnished situation this is simply not significant, the dwelling itself must be already covered by your existing building insurance cover put aside for your property.



Complicance6. Other Compliance – All soft furnishings and furniture provided within a furnished let will have to meet legal safety requirements.




Property Management7. Management – The level of time required if you plan to self-manage the letting of your dwelling will probably be higher automatically inside a furnished situation. This really is due to quality expectations and duty of care you spend on the tenant by giving a given standard and excellence of furnishings as part of the rental package. A tenant is a bit more likely to contact you to be the cause of any discrepancy inside a furnished situation than in an unfurnished one, as in an unfurnished property they naturally take full responsibility for his or her own furnishings and equipment. Price of management as expressed above either in time or money terms is highly recommended. When a property will be furnished there are particular procedures which require spot to help safeguard your assets effectively for instance inventory taking or regular monitoring.



Brentwood Lettings8. Use of Brentwood Lettings –Instances, experience and desires of the landlord will dictate whether a letting representative is a viable alternative. Allowing for the raised amount of management required which has a furnished property a management agent can efficiently handle the procedures and requirements to guard your interests. Types of this are activities for example inventory logging, periodic inspection, closing inspection on tenant exit and as well evaluating on tenant entry. Each one of these sort of actions are required to ensure a good measurement of loss, wear and tear or unreasonable damage is usually taken and appropriate actions executed. The attractions of your letting agent in this respect will amplify where you will discover multiple properties being let.



Rental Prices9. Price – After weighing up the many factors above, they should be considered against virtually any increased rent that will be achievable which has a furnished let versus unfurnished. There isn’t any strict rule although typically it isn’t really unreasonable to strive for between five to ten percent extra within the rental price tag. Again, this will likely vary according to the area, property type and individual situation check carefully.




10. Flexible furnishing – Home may actually be let part furnished, for instance you may include everything independent of the beds should tenants need to provide their own. However make the necessary research being compliant with the HMRC meaning of “furnished” otherwise you might risk losing the advantages of any tax relief. Another option would be to give potential tenants selecting whether home is furnished or otherwise not by initially showing it empty, this obviously depends on your circumstances and capacity to quickly furnish if necessary.

Overall there is absolutely no clear cut argument to be replaced by either choice; but it surely is statistically proven that for tenants without his or her furnishings, a well-furnished property will be let quicker. Only a few situation conforms to that rule in order that it amounts to a consideration of the above points along with the landlord’s preference both financially and as well when it comes to their very own management style and attitudes to letting.

Brentwood Lettings are a specialist lettings agency based in Moston, Manchester. We manage properties all across North and East Manchester and are actively seeking new landlords as we have a number of tenants wanting properties in Failsworth, Newton Heath, New Moston and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to talk to you about your options and choices from here. Fill in the form below and one of our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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