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Manchester Is An Excellent Place To Invest In Property

At Brentwood Lettings, we have considerable experience in the Manchester rental market. We offer a range of property management services, and we offer local guidance that makes all the difference for investors seeking the bets return.

Every agent will tell you their local area is an excellent place to invest in property, but at Brentwood Lettings, we are more than happy to talk you through the process. Manchester has welcomed many property investors and landlords, but the good news is, there is still significant demand for rental property.

If you would like to discuss your options in the Manchester rental property market, please contact us today. For now, please read on to see why Manchester is an excellent place to invest in property.

There is a wealth of evidence which states Manchester is great for investors

If you plan on investing, you will undertake research; and if you have, you can’t have failed to have been impressed with what Manchester offers investors.

There is an abundance of positive figures to focus on, but the following highlights from Arora should grab your attention:

  • Property prices in the area have enjoyed a five-year increase
  • The average property in Manchester has increased in price by 35% in this five-year period
  • In 2020, residential property prices increased by 5.7%
  • An achievable level of rental yield is set at 6%, and greater yields can be achieved with smart investing – The M14 postcode area offers average yields of 8.34%

For these reasons alone, Manchester has a lot to offer investors.

The population of Manchester is growing

An investor wants to know there is a long-term future for them in a location, and you have this thanks to the growing population of Manchester. With a healthy student population, and a lot of people who are keen to live in the city centre, there is significant demand for property in the heart of the city.

While city-centre living has been under the spotlight during the pandemic, it is believed demand is growing again. As of May 2021, Rightmove state that demand for city centres is growing again; and of course, the city centre population of Manchester has been famously tipped to grow by 125,000 as of 2025.

If you’re an investor, it makes sense to hold property where people want to live.

The Manchester economy is robust

Of course, while the music, sports and social lifestyle make Manchester a great place to live, it is the economy that drives growth and population moves. Manchester has a robust economy, with the financial and professional services sectors performing very well.

In the light of the pandemic, it is best not to overly rely on pre-Covid projections, but even in these challenging times, there is a belief that the local economy will perform well.

Transport infrastructure is improving

People need to move around, and the growth of any city is strongly linked to its transport. Manchester is improving its local road network, and it is spending significant sums on a greater Manchester Airport linkway.

However, there are also improvements in transport in and out of Manchester. When HS2 concludes, London will be just over an hour away; not only opening up Manchester for business and even commuters, it will appeal to investors.

London property investors looking for greater returns will find Manchester within easy reach thanks to improved transport options.

Brentwood Lettings can call on more than 19 years’ worth of experience in the Moston and surrounding areas letting sector. We are a non-franchise and independent lettings and property management agency in Manchester, and we are here to serve you. To arrange an appointment, a rental property valuation or to discuss your options, give us a call on 0161 681 3724.


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