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Our Services

At Brentwood Lettings we can provide assistance with all aspects of construction, property maintenance and property management. We are not just simply another high street lettings agency. We are backed by an experienced team of construction professionals who themselves are landlords and understand exactly how to get the best return on investment from any property.

Our Maintenance Services

Our in house maintenance team cover all aspects of property maintenance from pest control to decorating. D&M Property Services look after all Brentwood Managed properties, you can find out more about D&M Property Services here.

Our Property Management Services

At Brentwood Lettings we pride ourselves on our customer service. Along with our Gold Standard Full Property Management Service, we can offer assistance with any aspect of managing your property. Here’s what we can do:

Our Construction Services

Larger construction projects are handled by our in house construction professionals. You can find our more about here.

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